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Facilitate a good quality of life, strong connections and independence for our clients.



At St George Community Transport, we strive towards our vision by making the five points below our mission:

Enhance the independence of people in our community

By providing trusted and reliable services across multiple aspects of daily life, our team is dedicated to enabling clients in maintaining their independence both within their personal lives and within the community.

Facilitate people's ability to remain living in their own homes with dignity and choice

The information and services we provide are tailored to each individual client and drive targeted assistance that helps ensure a good quality of life.

We also provide resources for clients, friends, family, and the community which are designed to support our initiatives.

Provide support for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals

Independence and quality of life are underpinned by being able to access support services that meet each individual's needs. We strive each day to ensure that their needs are met and assist whenever possible.

Foster autonomy and connections

By providing opportunities, information, and a suite of services, we aim to reduce isolation, and help people in our community to exercise their choice and control.

Offer quality, caring service

Care, compassion and experience are required to be a provider of choice within the community services sector, and our team embodies these traits.



We commit to prioritising the safety of our clients when travelling or while they are receiving services at home and in the community. All staff undergo appropriate training, and we are constantly assessing our procedures to see where there are opportunities for improvements.


We foster a collaborative environment that respects and encourages the contributions of staff, volunteers, and clients. All contributions are valued equally, and we work hard to achieve the best outcome for all involved.


We are governed by our Board, which leads our compliance with the legislation and standards under which we operate. The risks faced by our business and our financial stability are overseen by our Board.


We know that we can achieve more when we work together. We embrace diversity, encourage open communication, and share decision-making.


We strive to continuously improve our service offering and provide our community with the resources they need to make positive choices in their lives.

We encourage excellence in our team members and reward those who display the ability to go above and beyond.

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If you would like to support our service and have an important say in the future of the organisation, join our association. Community say in the operation of the service is essential and we welcome new members at any time throughout the year.


To join the association complete the form below and return it to the STGCT office.

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